FOSS Activites in December 2019

Here’s my (third) monthly update about the activities I’ve done in Debian this December.

Debian LTS

This was my third month as a Debian LTS paid contributor.
I was assigned 16.50 hours and worked on the following things:

CVE Fixes and Announcements:

  • Issued DLA 2024-1, fixing CVE-2019-19617, for phpmyadmin.
    Details here:

    phpMyAdmin before 4.9.2 does not escape certain Git information, related to libraries/display_git_revision.lib.php and libraries/Footer.class.php.

    For Debian 8 “Jessie”, this has been fixed in 4:4.2.12-2+deb8u7.
    Furthermore, sent a patch to the Security team for fixing the same in Stretch.

  • Issued DLA 2025-1, fixing CVE-2017-17833 and CVE-2019-5544, for openslp-dfsg.
    Details here:

    OpenSLP releases in the 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 code streams have a heap-related memory corruption issue which may manifest itself as a denial-of-service or a remote code-execution vulnerability.
    OpenSLP as used in ESXi and the Horizon DaaS appliances has a heap overwrite issue. VMware has evaluated the severity of this issue to be in the critical severity range.

    For Debian 8 “Jessie”, this has been fixed in 1.2.1-10+deb8u2.

  • Issued DLA 2026-1, fixing CVE-2019-19630, for htmldoc.
    Details here:

    In HTMLDOC, there was a one-byte underflow in htmldoc/ps-pdf.cxx caused by a floating point math difference between GCC and Clang.

    For Debian 8 “Jessie”, this has been fixed in 1.8.27-8+deb8u1.
    Furthermore, sent a patch to the Security team for Stretch and Buster.

  • Issued DLA 2046-1, fixing CVE-2019-19479, for opensc.
    Details here:

    An issue was discovered in libopensc/card-setcos.c in OpenSC, which has an incorrect read operation during parsing of a SETCOS file attribute.

    For Debian 8 “Jessie”, this has been fixed in 0.16.0-3+deb8u2.


  • Triage luajit, python-oslo.utils, davical, sqlite3, phpmyadmin, openssl, htmldoc, and opensc for Jessie.

  • Pinged upstream of libexif, ruby-rack, and ruby-rack-cors for more clarification of the patches provided.

  • Clarified more about CVE-2019-1551/openssl triage to the Security Team and the Debian LTS ML.

  • Took a deeper look at CVE-2019-16782/ruby-rack; the patch itself introduces regression and induces a backdoor on its own. Notified the Security Team and the ML to avoid its upload.

  • Discuss the state of CVE-2019-19479/opensc with Roberto and process its upload. Also opened upstream issue out of frustration for “hiding” most of their report.

  • In midst of fixing test failures of ruby-rack-cores. And also WIP for ruby-excon.

Debian Uploads

Most importantly, I became a DD this month! \o/
Here’s my NM process. Many, many thanks to Thomas (zigo) for being so nice and patient! :D

Uploads to the Archive:

  • ruby-reverse-markdown ~ 1.3.0-1 (to unstable).
  • ruby-behance ~ 0.6.1-1 (to unstable).
  • ruby-unidecode ~ 1.0.0-1 (to unstable).
  • micro ~ 1.4.1-1 (to unstable).
  • golang-code.cloudfoundry-bytefmt ~ 0.0~git20190818.854d396-1 (to unstable).
  • micro ~ 1.4.1-2 (to unstable).
  • golang-github-flynn-json5 ~ 0.0~git20160717.7620272-2 (to unstable).
  • golang-github-zyedidia-pty ~ 1.1.1+git20180126.3036466-2 (to unstable).
  • golang-github-zyedidia-terminal ~ 0.0~git20180726.533c623-2 (to unstable).
  • golang-golang-x-text ~ 0.3.2-3 (to unstable).
  • golang-github-yuin-gopher-lua ~ 0.0~git20170915.0.eb1c729-4 (to unstable).
  • golang-github-sergi-go-diff ~ 1.0.0-2 (to unstable).

Bug Fixes:

  • #946859 for ruby-reverse-markdown (ITP).
  • #946895 for ruby-behance (ITP).
  • #946945 for ruby-unidecode (ITP).
  • #947724 for golang-code.cloudfoundry-bytefmt (ITP).
  • #889196 for golang-github-yuin-gopher-lua.
  • #889209 for golang-github-sergi-go-diff.

Reviews and Sponsored Uploads:

  • easygen ~ 4.1.0-1 for Tong Sun.
  • node-webpack ~ 4.30.0-1 for Pirate Praveen.
  • node-timeago.js ~ 4.0.2-1 for Sakshi Sangwan.
  • Outreachy mentoring for GitLab project.
  • Grant DM access for easygen to Tong Sun.
  • Grant DM access for golang-github-danverbraganza-varcaser to Tong Sun.
  • Help James Montgomery for Golang packaging (wrt #945524).
  • Migrated all my -guest accounts and certificates to use my new, shiny account associated with the DD status.
  • With regards to this tweet, I assisted the following people:
    • Shubhank Saxena with 1:1 Hangouts call.
    • Shreya Gupta with 1:1 Hangouts call.
    • Eshaan Bansal with 1:1 Hangouts call.
      P.S. It was lovely to interact with such lovely people :)

Until next time.
:wq for today.