FOSS Activites in May 2021

Here’s my (twentieth) monthly update about the activities I’ve done in the F/L/OSS world.


This was my 29th month of actively contributing to Debian. I became a DM in late March 2019 and a DD on Christmas ‘19! \o/

Interesting month, surprisingly. Lots of things happening and lots of moving parts; becoming the “new normal”, I believe. Anyhow, working on Ubuntu full-time has its own advantage and one of them is being able to work on Debian stuff! 🥰

So whilst I couldn’t upload a lot of packages because of the freeze, here’s what I worked on:

Uploads and bug fixes:

Other $things:

  • Mentoring for newcomers and assisting people in BSP.
  • Moderation of -project mailing list.


This was my 4th month of actively contributing to Ubuntu. Now that I’ve joined Canonical to work on Ubuntu full-time, there’s a bunch of things I do! \o/

This month, by all means, was dedicated mostly to PHP 8.0, transitioning from PHP 7.4 to 8.0. Naturally, it had so many moving parts and moments of utmost frustration, shared w/ Bryce. :D

So even though I can’t upload anything, I worked on the following stuff & asked for sponsorship.
But before, I’d like to take a moment to stress how kind and awesome Gianfranco Costamagna, a.k.a. LocutusOfBorg is! He’s been sponsoring a bunch of my things & helping with re-triggers, et al. Thanks a bunch, Gianfranco; beers on me whenever we meet! 🍻


Uploads & Syncs:


Seed Operations:

Debian (E)LTS

Debian Long Term Support (LTS) is a project to extend the lifetime of all Debian stable releases to (at least) 5 years. Debian LTS is not handled by the Debian security team, but by a separate group of volunteers and companies interested in making it a success.

And Debian Extended LTS (ELTS) is its sister project, extending support to the Jessie release (+2 years after LTS support).

This was my twentieth month as a Debian LTS and eleventh month as a Debian ELTS paid contributor.
I was assigned 29.75 hours for LTS and 40.00 hours for ELTS and worked on the following things:

LTS CVE Fixes and Announcements:

ELTS CVE Fixes and Announcements:

Other (E)LTS Work:

  • Front-desk duty from 24-05 until 30-05 for both LTS and ELTS.
  • Triaged rails, libimage-exiftool-perl, hivex, graphviz, glibc, libexosip2, impacket, node-ws, thunar, libgrss, nginx, postgresql-9.6, ffmpeg, composter, and curl.
  • Mark CVE-2019-9904/graphviz as ignored for stretch and jessie.
  • Mark CVE-2021-32029/postgresql-9.6 as not-affected for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2020-24020/ffmpeg as not-affected for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2020-22020/ffmpeg as postponed for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2020-22015/ffmpeg as ignored for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2020-21041/ffmpeg as postponed for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2021-33574/glibc as no-dsa for stretch & jessie.
  • Mark CVE-2021-31800/impacket as no-dsa for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2021-32611/libexosip2 as no-dsa for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2016-20011/libgrss as ignored for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2021-32640/node-ws as no-dsa for stretch.
  • Mark CVE-2021-32563/thunar as no-dsa for stretch.
  • [LTS] Help test and review bind9 update for Emilio.
  • [LTS] Suggest and add DEP8 tests for bind9 for stretch.
  • [LTS] Sponsored upload of htmldoc to buster for Havard as a consequence of #988289.
  • [ELTS] Fix triage order for jetty and graphviz.
  • [ELTS] Raise issue upstream about cloud-init; mock tests instead.
  • [ELTS] Write to private ELTS list about triage ordering.
  • [ELTS] Review Emilio’s new script and write back feedback, mentioning extra file created, et al.
  • [ELTS/LTS] Raise upgrade problems from LTS -> LTS+1 to the list. Thread here.
    • Further help review and raise problems that could occur, et al.
  • [LTS] Help explain path forward for firmware-nonfree update to Ola. Thread here.
  • [ELTS] Revert entries of TEMP-0000000-16B7E7 and TEMP-0000000-1C4729; CVEs assigned & fix ELTS tracker build.
  • Auto EOL’ed linux, libgrss, node-ws, and inspircd for jessie.
  • Attended monthly Debian LTS meeting, which didn’t happen, heh.
  • Answered questions (& discussions) on IRC (#debian-lts and #debian-elts).
  • General and other discussions on LTS private and public mailing list.

Until next time.
:wq for today.