GSoC Report #2

Hello there.

I hope the next time I write a report, I’ll have no twists and adventures to share.

Yay, nothing much “adventurous” happened.

Quick recap: My GSoC project is to package a software called Loomio. A little about Loomio:
Loomio is a decision-making software, designed to assist groups with the collaborative decision-making process.
It is a free software web-application, where users can initiate discussions and put up proposals.

In the last 2 weeks, that is, the 3rd and the 4th week, I worked on setting up Loomio-installer and packaged it’s Ruby dependencies simulatenously.

The following dependencies were packaged and uploaded:
» ruby-ahoy-matey
» ruby-aws-partitions
» ruby-aws-sdk-core
» ruby-aws-sdk-kms
» ruby-aws-sdk-s3
» ruby-aws-sigv4
» ruby-geocoder
» ruby-terrapin

The following dependencies have been packaged but are yet to be uploaded:
» ruby-cancancan
» ruby-google-cloud-env
» ruby-google-cloud-core
» ruby-google-cloud-translate

The following packages were updated and uploaded:
» ruby-pg
» ruby-activerecord-import

The following dependencies have been fixed for autopkgtest:
» ruby-paperclip (took a lot of time to debug :/)
» ruby-maxminddb

In the following process, I discovered a new option that could be passed to dh_ruby - export DH_RUBY_GEM_INSTALL_WHITELIST_APPEND.
This was needed for ruby-aws-partitions as test-suite of ruby-paperclip needed partitions.json, thus the need. Thanks to the man page of dh_ruby :D

Other than these dependencies, I tried setting up loomio-installer, the same way as diaspora-installer. Just a few things had to be changed.
Though I did the change it needed but I didn’t quite test it yet.
I am still figuring out a way to run the installer, hopefully gbp should help, like it normall does.

My other activities in Debian last month:
» Participated in Perl team’s LHF and updated libfuture-asyncawait-perl.
» Sponsored a couple of packages (DM access).
» Worshipping Visa God to grant visa for DebConf19.

Plans for the next 2 weeks:
» Testing and setting up loomio-installer.
» Packaging and completing the last set of Ruby gem dependencies.
» Prepare a list of node packages to be updated and packaged.

I hope the next time I write a report, I’ll have a better update on the installer.

Until next time.
:wq for today.