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What is Debian

This is the most popular post.  It features an introduction into Debian and why it is the operating system of choice for applications like the ones powering the Optessa supply chain solutions.

The article also discussed the history and founders of Debian, as well as it's evolution and principles.  Find out what the current state of Debian is today and find out why it's so exciting!


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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Debian Operating System

What makes the Debian operating system so powerful compared to others?  And what are some disadvantages inherent in its core design?  Read on to find out..

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Exploring Applications and Industries Using Debian Operating System

What type of applications is Debian best suited for and what kinds of industries are using this operating system?  We take an in depth look.


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History of Debian and Canonical

The company Canonical, that owns and maintains Ubuntu has a very close relationship with Debian.  Find out how this partnership developed over time.

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